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Body Exfoliators

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

If you don't regularly exfoliate your skin, this is the perfect season to start! As the weather starts to cool down your skin will start to enter its "dry" phase. Most people are very familiar with exfoliating their face but few give the same attention to their body. Well it's time to give your body some exfoliation love! My first and top love is my Microderma Mitt. In 2010 at a Spa convention a woman gave me one of these mitts and promised it would get rid of my keratosis pilaris (little bumps on the back of your arms and thighs). I have lived my whole life with these tiny, annoying bumps and I've tried every product out there. I went straight to my hotel room and jumped in the shower with my mitt. I have been singing its praises ever since! Yes, it scrubbed those bumps away but it also gave me the softest skin. Now I use it every other week in the shower as a regular exfoliation and as my prep before self tanner. It will get rid of any old tanner and leave you with the perfect canvas for another (fake) golden glow. To use, let your skin steam up a bit, get the mitt wet (it will get hard) and you start to scrub. Now, you will feel it, because it's doing its job. You will actually see the old skin on the mitt. If you are very very sensitive this might not be for you.

Next up is dry brushing! This is another totally necessary exfoliation but for different reasons. Sure, dry brushing sloughs off dead skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite (ok, that's pretty awesome), but most importantly, it stimulates your lymphatic system. This helps blood flow, digestion and the immune system, to name a few. You want to dry brush before you shower on totally dry skin. Start at the feet working in small strokes and always work towards the heart. You don't need to push hard. You should feel it, but it shouldn't hurt. I try to do a quick dry brush a couple times a week. Whichever exfoliate you use, remember to apply a moisturizer right after your shower while your skin is still warm. Get ready for soft skin all winter!

Please remember, both of these products should be used on the body and are not to be used on the face. We will save that product for a different post!

With love & style,

fifi & noni

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