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Magical Washcloths?!?!

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Fifi has nick named this product her unicorn wash cloth. A wash cloth that seems to possess magical powers, is very unique and feels so good to touch! It might look like a plain white washcloth, but it really is a magical cloth that removes all your make-up with just water. Yes, just water!!

I have been seeing these types of towels for a few months so I decided to give them a try. The first set a bought was from TJ Maxx and though they worked fine, I felt like I was tugging at my eyes, which is an absolute NO NO for me!! Then I started my Amazon trials. They have quite a few options and multiple that I really loved but these are the winner. I love the small size of these, the loop to hang dry and lastly the price!

So here is how I use them. In the evening I wash my face with my normal cleanser and rinse with water. I then run my washcloth under warm water and use the soft side as my second cleanse. My cleanser kind of loosens it all up and this cloth wipes it perfectly clean! You can also use the other side of the cloth as more of an exfoliant. It does remove makeup without using a cleanser but I prefer to use both on myself for antibacterial reasons. I only use the cloth with warm water when using it to remove Fifi’s makeup. She has some pretty crazy eye looks that she does and it is gone in one swipe! This is a perfect swap for your make-up removing wipes. All the clean without the chemicals!!

After each use you, rinse it clean and after 2 or 3 days you throw it is the wash. Each cloth should last about 100 washes!!

I bought these for myself, my family members and a set to keep in my guest bathroom. Worth every penny. And as always, in the words of my Fifi "So…… if you like it you better buy it hashtag"

love & style

fifi & noni

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