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We all scream for EYE CREAM!

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

I still remember the first time I thought about getting wrinkles. I was a freshman in high school and applying eyeliner in the girls bathroom. As I pulled my eye every which direction to apply a thin black line, I heard a girl say "you shouldn't do that, you are going to get wrinkles around your eyes." I had no idea who that girl was, but she was a senior, so I took her seriously!

Cut to the age 22 when I was living in Los Angeles and working in the home of the woman who owned Kiehl's Cosmetics. I had always loved makeup and was really good about washing my face but I hadn't thought much about "anti-aging" products. Working in that house, for that woman, I learned two very important lessons. One, wear more sunscreen than you think is "enough" and two, giant sunglasses are key for protecting the skin around the eyes.

So here I was in my early 20's wearing giant sunglasses (before they were popular), loading my face with sunscreen and not tugging on my eyes. I guess I was destined to continue my career in the beauty industry! Now, after almost 20 years of taking care of that damned fragile, thin skin around my eyes, the number one question I get asked is "What type of eye cream do you use?!" Yes, in addition to DAILY sunscreen, drinking lot of water and shielding myself with the biggest sunglasses I can find, I swear by my tried and true eye cream. Drum roll....... it is the Neocutis Lumiere Eye Cream. But please keep reading!

Every day working in the spa I would talk to dozens of clients about eye cream. And everyday I would hear "I have eye cream but I only use it when I remember" and "I can't use eye cream because it burns my eyes." Nooooooo! First, eye cream only works if you use it Every. Single. Day! You can't get a ripped body by working out, when you remember. Second, if all eye creams are burning your eyes than there is a very good chance that you are putting it too close to the eye. The skin around your eye is the warmest part of your face so products travels when you put it there. If you put your eye cream right under your eye, it will probably travel up into the eye. Eye cream should be applied to the orbital bone, around the side of your eye and up on the brow bone, just under the brow. The natural heat will then pull in to all the right places. Now there are people who have allergies to certain ingredients, so please always read the ingredients to be sure it will work for you.

Ok, back to Neocutis. I was introduced to this medical grade line about 10 years ago. After one month of daily use, I had fallen in love with Lumiere! Now, I have tried other eye creams since, but nothing compares in my opinion. It keeps the skin around my eyes soft, smooth and hydrated. It is not greasy so I can use it during the day under makeup, as well. I would say that in the past 10 years I have only taken 2 nights off from applying my eye cream. So when I say daily use, I mean it. It's like brushing my teeth, I can't sleep until my face is washed and moisturized.

In addition to Lumière, Neocutis has another incredible eye cream called Micro Eyes. This is similar to Lumiere but with the addition of peptides. I know that peptides don't react as well on my skin so I stick with the Lumiere. Because it is a medical grade product, it can only be sold at Medical offices or Spas with a medical affiliation. Please, do not buy this, or any other high end skin care from a non-authorized seller. Amazon is NOT an authorized seller of any of the skin care lines I have ever worked with. I know that this eye cream is sold all over Amazon for a cheaper price but some things are too good to be true. I contacted Neocutis and they told me that they have a whole division that works to take these fake sellers down , but they pop up the next day with a new name.

If you are interested in purchasing please look at the Neocutis site for a location near you or you can purchase from The Sanctuary Spa here in Los Gatos, CA,

408-395-6166. They will ship to you if you are out of the area (just mention Fifi & Noni). This product around $90 so it is not cheap but it should last you a very long time. You need less than a pea size drop to cover both eyes. I apply the drop to my ring finder, than share that with my other ring finder and apply to both eyes in gentle tapping motions under, around and above my eye. I probably only purchase two a year.

So I raise a glass to the senior in the bathroom, the boss with the giant sunglasses and all those skin care reps I met throughout the years. My (almost) 41 year old eyes thank you!!

With love & style,

fifi & noni

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